The Magic Roundabout 3d - Old Street

The Magic Roundabout 3D Virtual Tour – Old Street – London

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The Magic Roundabout 3D Virtual Tour

My eyes were blurry during this whole shoot. The night before I worried about getting there at 6am to start the shoot I couldn’t sleep. However, when all was said and done, this Magic Roundabout 3D shoot looked DREAMY!

I loved this place from the day I met it and knew then, I MUST SHOW THIS TO THE WORLD IN 3D! You can book your party here and indulge in some of the finest food the cool side of London has to offer. From White Men Can’t Jerk (errr.. yes they can) to Burger Bear (Grizzly) and Loaded Potato Skins.. potato..ey. I’m semi Irish/Jamaican and what British fella doesn’t love a burger. I just wish they would all share recipes and create one giant food box.

Thank you so much to Sarah Holgate for giving me her time to shoot the space and a SPECIAL thank you to the fellas at The Bassano Bar for all your ducking behind the counter while I scanned your coffee shop. Oh and your coffee is AWESOME!

Don’t forget, you can click the play button on the tour to let it walk you around the venue automatically or use the keys, 3D headsets like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear to explore the space.

Have fun!



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