Matterport “Matty Awards 2018”

Matterport – Matty Awards 2018 Nominee

Well what a great start to the new year! So far we have managed to get a contract for multiple properties I’m saying nothing about and now this, NOMINATED for a 2018 Matterport “Matty Award”! That’s praise indeed.

I was lucky enough to get chatting to Nate Barsetti from Quality Produce in the US when he was asked to look for someone in London to shoot “The Glass Room“. A project that is owned and thought up by Mozilla and Tactical Tech.

I met the guys in London and got shooting a few minutes later, it was all very swift, easy to shoot and I actually learned a few things about where I put my information online and how it’s treated… or mistreated, not sure which so here are all of my personal details so you can get in touch and tell me.. NO NO NO! See how I nearly gave it away.. crazy this online thing.

The point is, The Glass Room is all about your information and where it goes, I was amazed to find my password in the leaked Linkedin pages.


Check out the other tours nominated too:¬†Matty Awards¬†You can find ours in the “Best Point Of Interest” category or head over to the homepage to view it now: Get Revolved

Well, wish us luck! #GetRevolved

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