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Renting Blank Space

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“Renting Blank Space”


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No images, no videos, no no no

Personally, looking around when I’m renting space and finding no images on a webpage is an immediate frustration. I’m off that page in seconds!


In this day and age there is simply NO EXCUSE for having a room, space, property or even item for sale that has no images OR even worse, bad images where you still have no idea of the quality.


Your prospective customers deserve more respect. How would you feel if I invited you over for dinner and asked you to bring your own food? It’s the same principal, don’t invite someone to a webpage for them to just use their imagination.

Adding a 3D tour to your website may not be the answer to that sale, “we’ve sold houses etc loads way before this techie stuff came along”, BUT, will it get people talking about how easy the sale was, how great it was to book a viewing via the tour OR simply just buy outright by looking at the tour online?

You don’t know how many customers are missing when your customers are missing information. For the price of half a months rent on 1 property.. log on and stop being so… 2D.

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Daniel is a portrait and headshot photographer and now, 3D virtual tour expert. Always available to answer any questions you have.

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