Sarm Music Village 3D tour

Sarm Music Village 3D Virtual Tour – History in the making

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Sarm Music Village 3D Virtual Tour

This particular tour means a lot more to us than just “let’s find cool spaces to shoot”. Sarm Music Village has a history, from the hits made, to the people that have passed through the doors of this venue and the original Sarm Studios, gosh! Pure happy vibes!

They were kind enough to let us distract them from their daily routine. Thank you to all involved, especially Jedd Kellett and Aaron Horn. We obviously couldn’t have shot this without you.

This is a BIG one so have a good look around, check out the music studios and get immersed in one of the best music studios in London.

Don’t forget, you can click the play button on the tour to let it walk you around the venue automatically or use the keys, 3D headsets to manually explore the space.

Have fun!



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