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Sitting on the internet everyday gets you thinking about augmented reality doesn’t it.. no, just me.. well, then you stop thinking and your movement is autonomous.

By the time you know it, you get home and you realise you don’t remember a thing about how you got there. It’s almost like a drunken memory lapse.. today, that happened with SLAM 3D. These are the things that boggle every last drop of our brainpower.. well, most of us. But it’s becoming more and more mainstream, smaller, faster, clevererer.

I’ve always had ideas, I’m never short on them, I’m a lot like JOY. If you haven’t seen the movie.. amazing. I usually see ideas I had when I was 12, now a reality. Just too interested in football to care to learn more about how to.

Anyhow, I just saw that SLAM 3D maps are almost a thing. They use point cloud information instead of just pretend 3D depth data. Autonomous drones and machines that can map your world. Then you can add things inside of that world.. so we are now creating a world within a world within a world.

Maybe that’s all the Universe is anyway!I’m going to follow a company working hard on this technology called Augmented Pixels CEO and Founder of Augmented Pixels – Vitaliy Goncharuk.

I would give my back teeth to use this for work in future. I’m excited to see where this goes! Let’s see.. until then.. call and book your 3D virtual tour with us and prep yourself with point cloud files for the AR revolution.

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Daniel is a portrait and headshot photographer and now, 3D virtual tour expert. Always available to answer any questions you have.